Saturday, January 22, 2011

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Dear Clients, Faithful Readers, and passer bys, 

So It's been awhile since I've been on the blog and for that I am sorry. After I started having issues with the site I kind of just left it behind for awhile and just stuck to facebook. But I felt like today was in need of a blog post. So here I am! =)

As we are approaching 2011 I can't help but think back on the past year I've had. I think I've had more happen this year than I've had my whole life. However, with all that it has been both bad and good. From loosing two of my grandparents within 2 months of each other, to my husband's surgery, to loss of income from that surgery, to family feuds, and other not so fun things.... it was pretty rough. But as I said there was some good too. My business has started to bloom like crazy, I got to go back to school (which that has been amazing in itself!), a new found freedom, meeting new and exciting people between school and all my new clients, and I realized that photography was just meant for me....

And it's true! I think I was put on this earth to take photos! For the longest time I was always really not sure about my photos. I knew others liked them but wasn't sure if this was my thing. After going to school and seeing what I can do and talking over with teachers and friends, it just hit me one day. I was driving home from school and I just smiled. I was meant for this and it truly made me happy. I love taking photos no matter what the subject is. I love the excitement and the mystery as to how it's going to turn out. I'm such a photo nerd that most of the time I come straight home to view the photos I have just taken because I am that excited! And it's not just the excitement I love about it. I love making others happy. Nothing is better than hearing someone raving about my photos and telling me that they were in tears from viewing them the first time. And that is my goal. =)

So I am looking forward to what photography has in store for me for 2011 and the years beyond. I am so blessed to be able to do what truly makes me happy. I am so excited to be able to continue to meet with and take photos of such wonderful people! So to you, I say thank you! Thank you for making my 2010 a good one and I'm sure the years to come even better!

Kristy =)

PS - I am going to be posting my favorite photos of 2010 on my facebook page today so be sure to take a look!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lisa at the farm

So I had this school assignment of window lighted portraits. My cousin Lisa was up for it and had been wanting to hang out for awhile anyways out at her farm. Her family had built a new house this past year and so their old farm house is sitting all alone waiting to be torn down. Most people might say yuck, why would we go in an old dirty and nasty house? I say awesome! I was so excited for these, you have no idea. These are some of my favorite photos I have ever taken because they are mysterious in a way. They tell a story. They set a mood.... They are beautiful! =)

I also have recently purchased the new photoshop lightroom edition. This is the program that I use to edit your photos and add a little pop and color effects. I have been using the older version which I love, but when I read about all the new things you can do with the new version I was definitely on board! I got it last week but haven't really had the time to play with it much until to day, and man am I an excited girl? I was so seriously giddy while editing these photos that I felt like such a nerd! But that is ok, but you will love the new effects I am able to create with this. Here are a few of my favorites of Lisa with some new effects I now have at my fingertips. =)

My aunt and uncle did tell me that their farm was open if I ever needed a place for photos! So who is interested in a senior shoot here? I think it would be awesome! =)

Blah Blah Blah

I have been having blogging issues lately so I am just testing it out. I have heard that some people haven't been able to comment lately either. So working on it and may possibly just start over with a new blog. So hang in there with me as I will still be posting on facebook. Hopefully this will get working soon....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Helping our world one comment at a time =).... and a contest too!

Ok, so I have been pondering this for a little while. Some other photographers that I follow do this cans for comments every year about this time, and I think it's another great way to give back. What they do is that for every comment on their blog they go out and buy a can of food to donate to a local shelter! So say someone got 50 comments, they would donate 50 cans of food!!! It's great what people can do when they get together!

So here is my little twist to this great idea, with a little contest stuck in the middle too! For every comment I get on my blog or facebook page I am going to put forward 1 item of need to go to our local Atchison Salvation Army. By item I mean a can of food, a box of laundry soap, a pair of gloves, a package of socks, etc., etc. Whatever the Salvation Army says they need the most is what I'm going to give them! I'm really excited for this, because nothing makes me happier than helping out others! I love seeing the smiles and hearing the thank you's from those that are touched by just a little bit of help. Sometimes that's all someone needs to get back on their feet = a little bit of hope and love, esp from a stranger. And that is where I, and YOU, come in!

So what about the contest part? Ok, so I'm not limiting you guys on how many times you can comment. Comment once a day, or twice a day, or ten times a day! The sky is the limit! I love comments, so tell me what you think, or don't think, or just say hi! I'm down for anything (But please note that anything offensive or inappropriate will be deleted). So what am I getting at here you might ask? The person with the most comments will get $30 gift certificate to either use towards a session fee, prints, or a cd/release. Anything I offer you may put your certificate to! Whats better than helping out and getting something in return? Sounds like a deal to me!

So comments are open as of right now, 9:25pm on Sunday November 14th! This contest will be open until the end of the month. I will announce the winner on December 1st!

So spam me with your comments! I dare you!


Anna's senior session

I know this young lady from teaching dance here in Atchison, and she just so happens to be our graduating senior this year! I can't believe she is almost ready to graduate and off to college she goes! Now, I've only known her for a few years now, but it kind of makes me feel a little on the old side. Time flies way to fast!

So we met up at the dance studio (of course) which happens to be on the mall. So we took a walk up and down the stores and stopped a few times to get warm again in the studio and change....

Gorgeous alert!

Poor Anna bared the cold in her cute little dress! But it was worth it because I love these!

After Anna warmed up a little we headed over to the Santa Fe Depot for some really awesome shots. And after editing all these I realized that most of my favorite picks from this session came from these! I don't know whether she just looks good in red, or this spot is just really cool. Or maybe it's both....

This shot took a few tries. There was a train passing but it just wasn't going fast enough to get the effect that I wanted. But I still think this one turned out pretty neat...

I love the lines the shadows were casting on this bridge!

Ok, so I need help deciding on the next two which is better! I loved this photo in black and white, but in color her eyes are beautiful and glowing. What do you think?

Ok, so there is my long post of my senior shoot today. I had a feeling as I was taking these, that they were going to be amazing. And I think I could be right =)

Thanks Anna for letting me take your senior photos! Best of luck to you in all that you do!

Little Miss Adaleigh

I had the pleasure to play with little four month old Adaleigh today, and it was a lot of fun! I just love babies!!!! Adaleigh's mom was actually one of my top three (that tied!) for my holiday contest. Although she didn't win she still wanted to get some photos of her newest little girl!

 She is such a bright eyed little girl! So observant!

I think the feathers may have tickled a little =)

She kept sticking her tongue out at me! But it's still cute!

Thanks for letting me play today, Adaleigh and family! I had lots of fun! =)

25 years for the Frakes!

My first of three sessions today was of a cute little couple the Frakes! They are celebrating 25 years of marriage and wanted to get a good photo to celebrate the occasion! So, we headed out to the beautiful Benedictine campus this morning for some beautiful shots of the two....

Thanks Kris and Greg for asking me to take your photos! Congrats on your 25 years of marriage, and may you have many more to anniversaries to come!